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Anthropocene - Liner Notes:

Thank you.


First and foremost, Mike Kelly - for being my co-conspirator, song midwife and axe-wielding wingman. John Simm - for the incredible stickmanship and taking whatever curveball I threw your way. Joe Garcia - for your care for the craft and magic ears, and Chris Taylor for excellent drum engineering. I couldn’t have done it without you.

James Plotkin for mastering. Rob Morris for grand piano times. Oisín Scarlett for cello fragments and phenomenal trash-talk. Sam Fenton for your amazing camerawork.
Ben @ Echo Empire, Siân Roberts, Briony Gunson, Rachel Emms and Becky Laverty for your valuable contributions and advice.


For support and encouragement, in no particular order: Rose Kemp, Maddy Prior, Jex Thoth, Billie Lindahl, Daniel Land, Pijn, Mary Anne Hobbs, Stuart Maconie, Paul Robertson, Siôn Roberts, Eva Serration, Bethany White, Inconcessus Lux Lucis, Gasta, Nick Duke, Ed Sprake, Caïna, Alex Lynham, Amaia Arcos Berecibar, Alex Mannion-Jones, Michele Selway, Olya Jeneson, Debra King + all at Brighter Sound, Simon Catling, Sammy Powell, Mariguti, Anna Palmer, Cath Auberge, Ben Forrester, Frenchie, George Parr, Richard Foster, Adrian Thompson, Mark Buckley, Helen Darby, Mike Vennart, Tanya Byrne, Simon Raymonde, Mel Hamilton, Tom Robinson, Tomás Pocinho, Helen Weatherhead, Phoebe Bennett, Becca Gaskell, Steve Rhodes, The Sleeping Shaman, Rich Owens, From The Kites of San Quentin, Rosie East, VOW, Jonn Dean, Ian Mitchell, Ben + Lisa Lemasurier, Laura Smith, Maeve MacPherson, Mike Perry, Michelle Nichols, Jason Stoll, Matthew Baty, AJ Cookson, Matt Rozeik, Duncan Dinsdale, Beth Ward, Bryony Waddington.
‘That Man’ Will Brockbank, & the whole Brockbank clan, plus all friends and family.
And to anyone that has ever bought merch, come to a show or shared kind words:
Thank you all.

- JGW, Nov 2018