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When I began the process of researching this work, I had resolved to tell more of other peoples’ stories. What started as an internationally-focused idea exploring what it means to be part of a diaspora and have grandparents of a different nationality soon took on other threads, as it became necessary to respond to dramatic events in the world. As Nina Simone put it: ‘It is an artist’s duty to reflect the times’. So I have done my best to be present with my emotions and others', and acknowledge events both close and distant.

So, in Catabasis // Anabasis, stories range wide and mingle closely, with the micro and macro, personal and political sitting firmly alongside each other. I hope you enjoy.

JW, June 2020


Gratitude and love to:

Jaap van Hamond – Mixing on Veikko + Cicadas On The Lawn; Mastering.
Heike Scherlie – Co-producer on Wall and Archerless Arrow.
Noah Hassler-Forest – Violin on Archerless Arrow.
Emmi Kniivilä – Recitation on Veikko.
Mees van Driel van Wageningen – Dance; Camera Assistant.
Finya Verhoef – Camera Assistant.
Max Boeijinga -  Camera Enabler.
Lidy Six & Esmée Olthuis – Coaching and Support.

All music and lyrics by Javier Wallis, except:
- Poem in ‘Veikko’ – Nocturne 1903 by Eino Leino
- ‘Wall’ written by Heike Scherlie & Javier Wallis

Pagan Otherworlds Tarot Deck by UUSI Design Studio

All images / footage are either used by permission, with Creative Commons Attribution License, or covered under fair use for educational purposes. Contributions were by:

Javier Wallis
Life On Super 8
Ruvim Miksanskiy
Vineta Gailite
Edie Reed
Deeana Crates
Kelly Lacy
Peter Fowler
Adi Kavazovic
Vishwas Hegde
Harrison Haines
Sungmu Heo
Paweł Czerwinski
Vishwas Hegde
Daria Shevtsova
Joshua Woroniecki
Amir Mghari
Ricardo Esquivel