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Wilderness Hymnal - Anthropocene album c

ANTHROPOCENE - out 30/11/18

“An organism at war with itself is doomed” – Carl Sagan

This concept sits at the heart of Wilderness Hymnal’s debut album ‘Anthropocene’, nine tracks spanning inventive post-rock, stormy piano passages and unnerving psychedelia that explore ecological and emotional harm, and the parallels between them.

1. Verguenza
2. Abyssal
3. Altar (Wilderness)
4. Aorta
5. Ascención
6. Bone Script
7. Caldera
8. Meltwater
9. Sulphur

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Wilderness Hymnal is an experimental music project by pianist, producer and visual artist Javier Wallis, exploring ecological and emotional harm through doomed dream pop and dark psychedelia.